you can ask me anything + breathing practice {audio}

Hello my dear,

I’m feeling the call to create more content in order to support your movement-, food- and lifestyle-practices. Every other Sunday I’ll send you bite-sized, digestible nuggets of nourishment across the interwebs. If you’re not currently on my mailing list sign-up here to make sure you don’t miss these love notes.

In order to provide the best resources possible I would love to know what you’re looking for. Would you like to have more guided meditations? Recipes? Yoga tutorials? Yoga basics?
You name it. No, really. Please name it.

It would mean a great deal if you took a quick second to share your insights and heartfelt requests. Send any thoughts (or just a hello so I know you’re out there) to

To spark your creative spirit I’ve recorded a brief breathing practice for you. Follow this link to start listening now.
You can also find more guided meditations with me here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With love,