The Big Sigh.

I feel like I’m emerging from the fog, more like smoke. After not being able to open the windows or breathe freely due to the fires, I am somewhat infatuated with breathing right now. 
It’s quite miraculous really if you stop to think about it. The breath comes and goes, without much thought or effort on our part. Our bodies inherently know what to do and have been breathing us 24/7 since the moment we were born. 
But when the breath is inhibited the body will suffer the consequences. And when the body is tight or stiff, the breath will suffer. 

I notice it even more when I’m feeling overwhelmed and my anxiety starts to rise. A conscious deep exhalation can do wonders for my psyche. 
Do you find this to be true in your body? Please give it a try and let me know how it feels.

Speaking of breathing, I’ve got a free guided breathing exercise for you today. 

With a deep exhale