wrist push ups to help with all that phone time

I’m convinced wrist- and neck-pain are the next low back epidemic of our culture. I’m definitely guilty of spending too much time on my phone and my wrists are feeling it! I’ve always incorporated wrist stretches into my practice but never strengthening. Since I came across this exercise inspired by @francescacervero I’ve been doing wrist push ups everyday and I can feel the difference. Clients and students love them (or they love to hate them. I’m not quite sure 😆)

The movement is really subtle visually but quite a lot experientially. To try: come onto all fours, spread your fingers and the soles of your palms. Lift the heel of the hand away from the floor. Try not to lift the arms or shoulders in the process and continue spreading out through the bones of the fingers. I can do about 10 of these then I’m pooped.

To watch: click here